Friday, August 12, 2016

*foodlah: Sydney Harajuku Gyoza & Yasaka Ramen

*Foodlah: Sydney Harajuku Gyoza 
& Yasaka Ramen

Sydney Harajuku Gyoza  
9-15 Bayswater Road, Potts Point  NSW 2011 SYDNEY

Being hungry after landing in Sydney, Harajuku Gyoza was the perfect place to go as we wanted a light lunch! This space definitely was bigger than i expected it to be. It was just about after lunch hour when we arrived the premises, hence the quiet atmosphere. We were greeted with a one page menu and placed by the bar.
What we ordered: 
  • poached duck dumpling
  • ageshi tofu
  • grilled pork dumpling
  • teriyaki chicken don
  • rain drop cake with sakura

rate: 5/10

ageshi tofu: average

poached duck dumpling: good!

grilled pork dumpling: average

raindrop cake with matcha : decent!

161 Military Road, NeutralBay NSW 2089

After Instasearching of what ramen is good closeby to where we were at that time, Yasaka was it! Apparently this is their second store, tucked away on Military Road. It can be easily missed , therefore pay attention to the numbers on the street :)
If you love thickened soup tonkotsu ramen this is the place to be!!!!! What we ordered:
  • black garlic ramen with shio
  • yasaka tonkotsu shio ramen

Rate: 7/10

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