Friday, January 20, 2017

2017 here we go

seems like its all this new year new me bullshit again. heck, lets get on with it. 

what im looking to achieve on this resolution 

making full use of my gym membership
yep, finally joined the gym, so i need my khloe kardashian body , bring on the squads

create a space of my own 
 a space of whatever and with whoever, this would be a personal journey 

consider on relocating 
this has probably been the end game of our relationship, somewhere new somewhere fresh 

capturing better quality moments
 gotta start taking better videos and photos for us 

smashing out the year with positivity 
 i reckon this would be the most important thing of all, building positivity. its not an easy task, we all speak it but action speaks louder than words. Find positivity is a starving strive everyone wants. Lets keep striving for it , shan't we?

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